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Welcome to Forward Thinking Lettings, as you’ve probably heard by now… we do things a little differently around here!

As a Lettings Agent, we are most well known for our ‘no fees’ for landlords deal, which is not a one time thing… it’s a lifetime thing! How do we make our money then if we don’t charge the landlord any fees and offer guaranteed market rent?! Well… it’s quite simple really; continue investigating our site and it will all become clear soon enough!

As a Lettings Agent, we have exceptional rates of success and reliability in Coventry, we pride ourselves on our top class communication with our landlords and tenants, with our customers continuously telling us that we are the best agent they have ever worked with. Our average review is 5 out 5 stars and our tenants and landlords alike love what we do. In fact, to this day, we have never lost a landlord to another lettings agency yet!

With the increase in rules and regulations on landlords from Government and local Council it can be a minefield trying to be a compliant landlord and make money. Well with our expert team we can help remove the paperwork, stress and time involved with renting your property. We are HMO experts and pride ourselves of managing 100% compliant properties. 

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We provide the finest shared houses for working professionals in Coventry, with a waiting list of up to 3 months.

(Click the images to see a couple of our finished houses after refurbishment)

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I have given 3 of my houses to this company for several years now, but before this, Neil Ward managed my houses for as long as I can remember, I trust him and he has always taken care of me so I would refer him to anyone, great guy, great leader which of course has led to great staff.
Landlord (Mr A) -Apr 2013
I can't say too much about the service having only been with them for a few months, but what I can say is that Neil Ward, the Director of the Group, found the property for me, then he refurbished it through his renovation company and then he guaranteed a letting for me. So I'm very happy with where we are at so far, I wanted a 6% return on my investment, and so far it's looking like I'm getting around 8-9% so I think the figures speak for themselves really, thank you.
Landlord (Mr A) -Apr 2013
Best agents ever! They fix things quickly, and I don't mean a week or two, I mean within hours. Everything is here, it's more like a hotel room than a shared house and the people I share with are all really nice too, this house is the best I've ever stayed in.
Tenant (Callum) -Mar 2014
On a scale of 1-10, I give them an 11. Best house ever, and they really took care of me when I needed help with a personal issue. I can't recommend them enough and I already have 2 friends who are with them too now, we love the service, it's just the best.
Tenant (Sam) -Mar 2014
Having been a landlord for over 40 years, I can highly recommend this service, very good and professional. Helped me to solve many big problems last year and my remortgage was very surprising when it valued at £15,000 more than expected due to the high standard of refurbishment and maintenance. I recommend to many people already and will continue to do so.
Landlord (Mr S) -March 2014
What I like about this letting agent is that they don't treat me like a piece of meat, they look after me really well and they resolve problems very quickly, I didn't even know that it was an agent until recently, I just thought Joe was a really good landlord!
Tenant (Karl) -Oct 2013
This company is very professional, I would rate them the best in Coventry without a doubt as letting agents. They have always been very efficient, answered all my questions very quickly, done many repairs to my houses without it costing me a penny and they have always paid me on time without fail. Friendly staff always willing to go the extra mile. The best thing is they are very caring, my last agent just wasn't interested in me and only wanted their commission, these people are completely different. I will never leave them now, they are simply the best and genuine people.
Landlord (Mr J) -Mar 2014
I have only been with Forward Thinking Lettings since November of 2013 so it's still very new but so far, they did a really nice clean job on the renovation and the tenants from Jaguar seem really nice. I have only been to the property once and I was very impressed with the cleanliness and standard so I am more than happy to write this testimonial for them.
Landlord (Mr K) -Apr 2014
The offering from this company is quite different, at first it took me a while to get my head around it but once I did, I was happy with the arrangement. We've had a few snags over the years with the roof and garden fence, which I wanted them to pay for, but they wouldn't. But other than that, I like the service and I've made more money than had I stayed with the letting agent and the houses are in a good condition so I can't complain. It's a good service and the tenants always seem happy, whenever I have spoken to the tenants they said positive things so I suppose this company are doing a good job.
Landlord (Ms S) -Oct 2014

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Our sole purpose and what we live and breathe for is SERVICE. We are here to serve both you the landlord and our professional tenants


With an average tenant review of 5 out of 5 stars, we don’t really feel the need to shout from the rooftops… our tenants do that for us!


A strong moral code, always doing the right thing, being reliable, and staying true to our word.


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