Guaranteed Rent Calculator

Our calculator will help you find the True net rental value for your property. One of the biggest illusions is that the market rent advertised is the actual net rental income that will be received. Unfortunately this is not the case.

There are fees, VAT, management costs, voids, legal costs, rent arrears, tenant finds and maintenance call out charges that are deducted from the rent that you will get. Rarely do letting agents provide the actual net rental value to landlords in order to reduce the possibility of the landlord choosing another agent or finding a better solution.

At Forward Thinking Lettings we pride ourself on being the longest serving guaranteed rent scheme in Coventry and surrounding areas. We have been established since 2013 and have been delivering consistent monthly incomes to our landlords for over 7 years.

Discover how much you will actually receive in rental income by choosing the traditional and antiquated letting route: