As you may have heard…we do things a little different around here! Forward Thinking being the key words. Our sole purpose and what we live and breathe for is SERVICE. We are here to serve both you the landlord and our professional tenants.

So you must be wondering what is it that we actually do? And what it is that’s causing people to rave about us all over the Country and having Neil, the Director speaking to audiences from Cornwall to Manchester!

Well our property management concept is completely unique, yet very simple… In fact, it’s so simple, that we still can’t believe that no one thought of it before!

Here’s how it all works:

Step 1. You, the landlord will rent your property to US for a period of 3-7 years using a ‘Management Agreement.’ The rent is GUARANTEED for the full period and you are charged NO FEES by us at all! We don’t even charge you the typical £200 a year fee for the rent guarantee, when we say no fees, we really mean NO FEES.

And this is where your part in the process ends! It’s completely hands off and hassle free for you.

Step 2: We (The company) would then spend anywhere from £2,000-£5,000 decorating and furnishing your property as well as other upgrades and improvements at our OWN cost. You do not get charged a penny for this home upgrade service because we make our money back in the long run.

Step 3: We contact our database of local high profile companies around Coventry (who we have agreement’s in place with already to provide accommodation to their employees.) We then await feedback and conduct viewings for these professional workers and rent out the rooms taking a fee for offering such high end accommodation. (This is how we are able to spend so much on your property, we make our investment back over time through the fees and increased rent we make from our clients).

Step 4: The tenants move in and everyone is happy! The TENANT wins, they have a great room in a beautiful house, WE win, because we make a profit on the rooms each month and YOU, the LANDLORD wins as you have a guaranteed rent and a free refurbishment to you property! It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN deal as opposed to the normal Letting Agent LOSE-WIN-LOSE deal!

Step 5: We cover all the maintenance on the property for the duration of the agreement; that means you don’t pay a penny for repairs! (Excluding structural, electricals & central heating system, which we will take care of for you if needed, and let you know of the repair costs prior to work commencing.) As a side note, our tradesmen are the best around and we are able to negotiate very low rates due to the quantity of work we give them.

Throughout the agreement, we maintain your home to a very high standard, with fresh painting and decorating done regularly, we also employ a regular cleaner and conduct weekly maintenance inspections as well as a monthly 77 point full inspection on your home.

Step 6: At the end of the agreement, you would then receive your property back in a far better condition than when you started. And that’s it. It’s as simple as that!

Here’s a recap of the main benefits:

•    Property agreement for 3-5 years with Guaranteed Rent.
No risk of void periods ever again.

•    Only rented to working professionals in full time employment or a mix of Professionals.
Extremely low risk of property damage or tenants not paying the rent to us, and even if they didn’t the rent is still guaranteed.

•    The property has a regular cleaner.
This keeps your property clean and prevents problems such as mould, deterioration of kitchen and carpets, etc.

•    Minimum wear and tear!
We take care of your property for you in such a way that you don’t have to worry about wear and tear, we also replace any furniture or items that do get damaged right away.

•    We take care of small repairs and maintenance issues.
More money in your pocket, less time out of your social life dealing with problems. In fact, you won’t even know about any issues until you get your annual report showing what we have upgraded or repaired for you all at our own cost.

•    We cover the rent guarantee regardless of whether the house is full or not.
Complete peace of mind that the money will be coming in every month without fail all under a legally binding contract for you.

•    We pay all utilities from our own bank account.
You don’t need to worry about any bills or the tenants not setting up the utility accounts correctly and leaving bills in your name which we know affects most landlords at some point causing a lot of stress and hassle.

•    No more having to deal with problem tenants.
Let’s be honest, a lot of tenants are difficult, and that’s why we don’t take in difficult tenants and even if we did, you wouldn’t have to deal with them anyway.

•    No more calls in the middle of the night to deal with serious issues.
The tenants receive a booklet with 24 hour emergency numbers inside as well as a guide to living in a shared house which explains what to do in an emergency situation. We also have an on duty staff member for emergency situations.

•    If needed we will give your property a light refurbishment.
This is done at our own expense, however we DO ask for a contribution from you for certain upgrades which are negotiable. Safety features are the main upgrade which we ask for a contribution from you for and also if needed, a contribution towards new carpets if the current carpets are old and tatty. Any upgrade contribution can be taken away from the rent to you in installments. And of course, anything we do for you will add at least that amount if not more to the value of the house anyway so you can’t lose.

•    We will liaise with you to organise larger maintenance issues.
We will take care of the normal maintenance issues such as a broken toilet seat, shower head and door off the hinge, etc. But when it comes to larger items such as structural work and the central heating system and boiler, we will not take on this financial responsibility – however we will get all the work done for you at a low cost. We will of course inform you of any more serious issues if and when it occurs for your advice on how you would like to proceed on it. It’s very rare that we ever have to contact you for anything like this, but we do like to make you aware at the outset regarding what we do and do not cover for you.

•    We take care of Deposits & Referencing.
All deposits and referencing is done in house by our staff and paid into the Government Deposit program (DPS).

•    Fully managed by our experienced team!
We have a fantastic management team, second to none in the City! Our team of staff and tradesmen have been built up through trial and error over the past decade, we trust our tradesmen implicitly, they are the BEST and due to the high volume of work we give them, they do the best work for us, for low costs.

•    We have our own gardener!
Our gardener will keep your front and back gardens in tip top condition!

•    We carry out our own regular inspections.
We carry out a weekly inspection of each properties communal areas with a thorough 77 point check every 3 months on the whole house. Any damage that is found is normally repaired within 24 hours unless a new part is needed.

•    We are open 7 days a week!
We are always available and someone will always be on the end of the phone should you need to talk to us. Gone of the days of the Mon-Fri, 9-5 agent…

•    Giving back to the community.
Part of the company ethos is to give back to local charities and the community as a whole. Please see our website for more information on this and how you can get involved in the fun projects we like to organise.

If you managed to read through all that and you are still with us, you have no doubt gathered by now that we are, quite an exclusive managing agent. We aim to work with only the best landlords in Coventry in order to create a truly exceptional experience which we are sure will continue for years to come.

If you feel that you are a good landlord, and offer good quality accommodation and would love to work with us in order to offer high quality accommodation, please get in touch right away. We only have a set quota of rooms required each month and can only work with a certain amount of landlords.

Please contact us now by using the ‘Contact Form’ if you feel this service may be right for you and you would like to receive more information.